Our Partners

Techleap is a team dedicated to empowering dutch leaders in tech through the connections we make, the resources we build and collaborations we strengthen. We have a thematic and systematic approach to make sure we provide real impact
Bytecode enables software focused start-ups to go to market faster and better, by acting both as a technical partner and (interim) CTO that builds & shapes an MVP and has the experience to give advice on product scope, feedback collecting, technical challenges, hiring, and choosing functionalities before continuing to further develop the MVP. Our method exists out of working iteratively while maintaining quality and by engaging in a close partnership, which allows you to test your concept without worrying about stability. In addition, we invest a small amount into the MVP to increase its affordability and to become a reliable technical partner of the start-up.
Are you interested in partnering with DutchSE? Just reach out! We are excited to chat:)