Our Communities

“Dutch Student Investment Fund (DSIF) is a student-run venture capital fund managed by students from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. DSIF invests into innovative startups created by bachelor, master, PhD students or recent graduates from our universities. We provide working capital for innovative student startups and help young student entrepreneurs to turn their great ideas into real startups!”
“we are a venture capital fund, supporting student & recent graduate startups from the get-go. We bridge the gap between Amsterdam’s entrepreneurial ecosystem & its student community.”
“As a sub-division of the Utrecht University incubator Utrechtinc, the Utrechtinc Students board was founded to promote entrepreneurship amongst students. A collaboration with Utrechtinc, Utrecht University and The Centre for Entrepreneurship allows us to be part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in which our student community becomes locked-in and is able to deliver added value from the expertise of almost every faculty.”
Utrecht Inc. Students
“We are the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship Students (ECE Students), Erasmus University Rotterdam’s official entrepreneurial association. Since our establishment in 2013, our mission has been providing an environment that unites a diverse group of people, and to empower them in taking entrepreneurial action. We aim to spread entrepreneurial values and cultivate an innovative mindset among students. By providing a talented network, fostering relevant abilities and empowering students, we create opportunities for the entrepreneurial-minded across campus, while seeking to contribute to the innovative and entrepreneurial scene in the city of Rotterdam.”
ECE Students
“We are an non-profit association which aims to inspire, motivate educate and help students to become entrepreneurs. We believe in the innovative ideas of students.  By questioning all, they are the source of great ideas that will one day change both our society and economy. Our events, programs and courses provide students with all that is needed to turn great ideas into successful startups. We aim to both nurture and educate students to become a successful entrepreneur.”
Yes! Delft Students

“We initiate the idea of entrepreneurship as a career choice among students and we bring entrepreneurship closer to students of Eindhoven by organizing events that inspire, motivate and connect. Kickoff EHV is the community for student entrepreneurs in Eindhoven. By organizing events we inspire students from all Universities and studies to take on entrepreneurial challenges and facilitate them in starting their own business.”

KickOff EHV
“The Academic Business Club (ABC) is a network organization for starting and established student entrepreneurs and students who have the ambition to become an entrepreneur (in the future). Our mission is to inspire and inspire these students about entrepreneurship. The ABC is interesting for any student who is interested in entrepreneurship and / or has the ambition to start their own business during or after their studies. Through our community you come into contact with other (student) entrepreneurs and learn a lot from their vision, ideas and experiences.”
ABC Tilburg
Lugus is an association for student entrepreneurs. We facilitate and support student entrepreneurs with their entrepreneurial wishes. We believe that (innovative) start-ups and entrepreneurs are crucial to society and that students form an important part of this.  
Lugus Leiden
“StartHub Wageningen is the startup incubator and educator for students, PhD’s and recent graduates of Wageningen University & Research. Our core focus is development of entrepreneurial competences of students and student entrepreneurs. To stimulate and help students with the development of entrepreneurial competences, we offer a diverse program in which you can develop your entrepreneurial skills.”
StartHub Wageningen
“Founders Club aims to be a place, where young, driven, and passionate founders find likeminded people to spark new ideas, build their business, and grow their network.Founders Club is an open and international network of entrepreneurial people that support and encourage each other to think big, free, and bold.”
Founders Club Maastricht
“Maastricht Entrepreneurship Club gathers students from each and every faculty/background, that are striving for entrepreneurial engagements and making their own impact in the fast growing world. Maastricht being at the epicentre of entrepreneurial mindsets in Europe, we want to foster innovation and create an entrepreneurial network with long term goals.”
Maastricht Entrepreneurship Club
“We are a non-profit organisation that works hard to make sure your student days are fantastic! The Student Union’s mission is as follows: ‘The Student Union promotes the academic competencies and the well-being of students of the University of Twente.’  We believe that your student time is more than just studying. This is why we try to do everything we can to make it as memorable, educational, and inexpensive as possible. You can therefore see us as the representative of students and organisations.”
Student Union Twente
“Discover the world of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship goes with trial and error, with peaks and troughs. By inviting speakers from the business world, you as young entrepreneurs and interested parties gain insight into entrepreneurship and you can learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs.We especially invite young entrepreneurs, from all kinds of industries. Successful entrepreneurs of your own age, inspiration and motivation the top! Of course we close a Talks & Drinks with a good drink. Talk to the attendees and meet new people!”
Eigenaardig Club
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