Dutch Students For Entrepreneurship

DutchSE aims to connect the Dutch student startup ecosystem.

Resources & Network

With DutchSE study associations will be able to get a bigger entrepreneurship network to go to and more resources to work with.


DutchSE maps all the important (inter)national events and summits. We will make sure all information on entrepreneurial events can be found in one place.

Knowledge Sharing

Together with all Dutch entrepreneurial student communities, DutchSE will preserve and share knowledge. All affiliated communities will benefit from knowledge sharing.

What is DutchSE?

Entrepreneurship is good for the economy and employment. many initiatives have sprung up over the last years to aid new and young entrepreneurs with their business dreams. Students are specifically an interesting group and there are various organisations focussed on helping students or graduates in the field of entrepreneurship. There is currently however no national collaboration between these organisations and in that way opportunities are missed in the fields of knowledge-sharing, functional collaboration and logistics. Students, due to this, have difficulties finding entrepreneurial opportunities outside their own student city.

DutchSE joins the forces of local student entrepreneurship communities and in that way creates a strong national network. With that network we can increase the means, knowledge and passion of student entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

Which communities are affiliated?

Founders Club aims to be a place, where young, driven, and passionate founders find like-minded people to spark new ideas, build their business, and grow their network. We are an international network of entrepreneurial people that support and encourage each other to think big, free, and bold. We organise weekly events, workshops and Start-up trips around Europe.

Founders Club

Students Organisation

Founders Club

UtrechtInc. Students is the entrepreneurial hub for UU, UMC, HU and HKU students. They connect, support and inspire students by scouting entrepreneurial talents, increasing academic spin-off and organising events; network sessions, workshops, lectures, competitions and challenges etc.

UtrechtInc. Students

Student Organization

UtrechtInc. Students

The Eindhoven Student Business Club (ESBC) is an initiative which goes back to 2008 and is currently being transformed to Kickoff EHV. In the following months, they will launch a new website. For now, you can follow them via Facebook.

Kickoff EHV

The Academic Business Club (ABC) is a network organisation in Tilburg for starting and established student entrepreneurs and students with the ambition to become an entrepreneur (in the future). It is their mission to inspire and enthuse these students about entrepreneurship. This is done via monthly ABC Nights and the yearly The Road Symposium.

Academic Business Club

Student Organization

StartHub Wageningen is the student incubator in Wageningen. We focus on start-ups in the food, agriculture and environmental sector. Our goal is to inspire students, teaching them entrepreneurial skills and help them with setting up their own start-up.


Student Organization

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship Students (ECE Students) is an official entrepreneurial association of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since the establishment in 2013, the mission of ECE Students has been to provide an environment that unites a diverse group of people, and empowers them in taking entrepreneurial action with an aim to spread entrepreneurial values and cultivate an innovative mindset among students.

ECE Students

Student Organization

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

At YES!Delft Students we aim to inspire, motivate and educate students to become entrepreneurs. With more than 70 events throughout the year, our Student Startup Programme and TU Delft courses we bridge the gap between ideas and businesses. Connecting our community of experts, mentors, corporate partners and teachers with our students, we are the place WHERE STUDENTS BECOME ENTREPRENEURS.  

YesDelft! Students

Student Organization