Our Communities

Our Communities

UtrechtInc. Students

UtrechtInc. Students is the entrepreneurial hub for UU, UMC, HU and HKU students. They connect, support and inspire students by scouting entrepreneurial talents, increasing academic spin-off and organising events; network sessions, workshops, lectures, competitions and challenges etc.

Kickoff EHV

The Eindhoven Student Business Club (ESBC) is an initiative which goes back to 2008 and is currently being transformed to Kickoff EHV. In the following months, they will launch a new website. For now, you can follow them via Facebook.

Start Up Mix Students

Start Up Mix Students Nijmegen stimulates and facilitates students in turning their dreams into concrete implementations.  They help with networking, looking for a space to work, support of all kinds of matters and they organise fun events and facilitate an online community.


Lugus is an association for and by students from Leiden and The Hague which supports its members with setting up successful businesses by facilitating, inspiring and advising them on starting their own enterprise.

Academic Business Club

The Academic Business Club (ABC) is a network organisation in Tilburg for starting and established student entrepreneurs and students with the ambition to become an entrepreneur (in the future). It is their mission to inspire and enthuse these students about entrepreneurship.


StartHub, part of Wageningen University and Research (WUR), is a pre-seed incubator. They power entrepreneurship by providing support through micro-financing, housing & facilities and an entrepreneurial community with lots of events, such as workshops, seminars and start-up talks.

MC4E Students

MC4E Students is the student community at the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship. They are a vibrant community of startup enthusiasts who enjoy inspiring each other through events, workshops, networking sessions, and providing support for any student wishing to found their own company.


BusinessMatch Groningen (BMG) is the student community for entrepreneurship at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. They organize several events to motivate, stimulate and inspire students in the field of entrepreneurship. Example are competitions, pitch events, lectures, workshops, trips to inspiring companies and congresses.


Hardstart is the community in Twente bringing students with entrepreneurial minds together. They do this in the Startup Hub at the University of Twente campus. They host events for inspiration, development sessions for students and they closely cooperate with partners in the region.


StudentsInc. is a community of student entrepreneurs in Utrecht where students can get office space, follow workshops/programs and a find a broad network of coaches, investors, specialists and potential customers. 

ECE Students

ECE Students is the biggest student entrepreneurship network at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Their mission is to inspire entrepreneurship in students and guide the students who want to start a startup. They connect and empower their members by creating an engaging community and encouraging experiential learning.

YesDelft! Students

YES!Delft Students aims to inspire and stimulate students of TU Delft and the surrounding area to consider or become entrepreneurs. Together with the help of their 10 committees, they organise more than 90 events to get students acquainted with entrepreneurship every year. From inspiring lectures to intense start-up weekends and a fantastic intercontinental trip.